rs232 serial communucation ports 25 pin female and 9 pin male.
Welcome to RS232 Serial Communications.

This site is maintained by Software Innovations Inc. developers of the PC based RS232 Analyzer SI_SCOPE and the SI_COMM Serial Communications ActiveX.


RS232-Serial-Communications by Software Innovations carries a complete line of RS232 utilities including RS232 analyzers, serial port monitors, activex development components, and RS232 Bluetooth wireless adapters.

Our mission is to provide the developer with high quality products that provide functionality and performance beyond those typically found in the same market class. We strive to develop the best products in their categories and to continually enhance our products based on our users changing needs.

RS232 Debugging and Troubleshooting Tools

When working with serial communications it is always beneficial to have the ability to view the data flows on the serial line. Using an RS232 Analyzer such as SI-SCOPE can save you hours of frustration by allowing you to observe the physical byte level data flow on any RS232 link. A Serial Port Monitor such as Innovative Serial Spy also saves you valuable time by giving you a picture of the logical data flows at the application level between any Windows application and the Windows Serial API. If you want more details on the differences between a RS232 Analyzer and a Serial Port Monitor please see our article on How to Debug RS232 for more details.

RS232 ActiveX Development Tools

If you need to develop an RS232 application for Windows utilizing an ActiveX component such as SI-COMM that has been specifically designed to help make serial communications development easier will save you hours of time and ensure that your applications are able to take advantage of new advances in hardware while being able to maintain backward compatibility with legacy devices.